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About us

Mission, Services and Philosophy by Heracli Tzafestas – Founder of LDl


At LDI we support organizations in assessing, developing and leveraging their leadership potential.

As a company, we are deeply convinced that, when given a real chance to do so, people make a huge difference – whatever their position in an organisation. More specifically, we do believe that Leadership whether at the top, in the middle or at the bottom, is crucial with respect to delivering extraordinary results. We use our 20 years of experience at the side of individuals, teams and organizations in order to make Leadership an outstanding competitive advantage for our customers.


LDI delivers three lines of services, each one corresponding to a leadership dimension:

Executive talent
We help companies select and develop their executives and senior leaders.

High-Performance Teams
We advise these executives and senior leaders about the design of their teams and we support these teams in achieving outstanding performance.

Shared-Leadership Culture
We support organizations in creating a shared leadership culture - a culture where conditions are set up for employees to display effective engagement, purposefulness and initiative.


Our grounding philosophy is that we expect people, at all organizational levels, to embody a paradigm of freedom as opposed to become prisoners of circumstances.
On this basis, we help people strengthen their self-determination and realize their full potential - keeping in mind that nothing complex can be done without displaying effective interdependence. We are keen to help people achieve their best and keep their best possible shape in the face of evolving challenges. We support organizations in their effort to manage leadership in a way that it irrigates their structure. Doing so they allow their personnel, to take relevant initiatives, engage and make discretionary efforts.