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Approaches : Advising and Coaching

The experience LDI Consultants acquired in advising and coaching managers and executives helps their clients to:

  • Deliver their full potential when dealing with stretching assignments.

  • Define and implement the optimal strategy related to bringing substantial organizational changes.

  • Step back and revisit their approach of a certain issue or issues in general.

  • Gain substantial awareness of themselves and of their environment.

  • Identify personal development needs and specific paths to development.

  • Understand origins of conflicts and make the decisions that will effectively resolve them.

  • Point out specific integration issues while transitioning and tackle them before they become sources of derailment.


Initially the art of coaching was defined and systematised in order to help people perform or deliver their best in a certain discipline. Such an approach used to targeting specific behavioural changes, e.g. the ones that had to be displayed by sport individuals or teams. Nowadays, it is accepted that in fast-changing contexts, where "rules of the game" constantly evolve, coaching involves other levels than pure behaviour. According to a model developed by Gregory Bateson and Robert Dilts, these different levels (behaviour, strategies, values, beliefs and mission) require the consultant to use other change strategies than the ones relating to sole performance coaching. To this end our consultants are trained to use the techniques adapted to handling each one of these levels or the specific dynamics that exist between them.