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LDI nurtures alliances with company-partners, aiming to extend them all around the globe. These companies have specific methodologies at their disposal that are directly related to LDI’s services areas or are complementary - should a project require multiple expertises.

Denison™ - USA
Denison Consulting's™ research-based model and tools are designed to improve the performance of organizations by improving their corporate culture and leadership. At our core is a set of diagnostic surveys, rooted in our research linking organizational culture and leadership to business performance. This diagnostic technology is supported by a world-class electronic delivery system and a global consulting network designed to give client organizations the choices that they need to be successful.

Global Strategic Management Solutions is a firm that deals with management consulting focusing on effectiveness of leadership in organizations based on value. It reciprocates to the conditions of the market for service industries globally. The key strategic issues planned by Global Strategic Management Solutions improve the performance of business in the market and the gross profits.

Naviget - Germany
Naviget consultants aim to empower organizations with respect to their Strategy Implementation, Process Optimization and Organizational Development. They help companies shorten time-to-market, reduce production costs and increase marketing success.