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Approaches : Assessing

Executives and Senior Leaders

LDI will provide you with a report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the executive or senior leader concerned including specific recommendations as required.

Senior and executive suite leaders often require an approach that is personalized. We typically start with face to face discussions, possibly accompanied with a questionnaire or assessment test. These discussions are based on our Leadership Success Profile Blueprint®. This document integrates in a consistent manner the role's business stakes and objectives on the one hand and the associated leadership success profile on the other. We finalize this process with a report presenting the individual's profile. This document can have various formats: selection purposes require a one-page document whereas developmental ones, an extended and thorough description of the person's strengths and development areas.


Managers are most often required to follow assessment centre programs. We help our clients design competences sets of reference. On this basis we run their assessment centres and help them make career decisions through talent roundtables. Depending on the client's preferences, we can use various tools and tests, such as LP Leader®, Leadership Effectiveness®, Management Effectiveness®, Voices®, Benchmarks®, 360° by Design®, Leadership Style Indicator®, Wave®, Hogan Series®, 16PF®, MBTI®, FIRO-B®, Lifestyle Inventory®.


LDI will help you with defining a team profile and will deliver team efficiency programmes.

Although the different tools cited here above are initially used to assess individual skills or behaviours, the results can be handled in a way that allows team's profile definition. According to the team's present and future challenges this team profile can be used as a starting point of team efficiency programme. Another approach of assessing teams consists in designing a set of questions with the team members or the team leader. On this basis we then go ahead with the evaluation through questionnaires and/or interviews. Results are then presented and discussed with the team leader and, in a second step with the team.

Culture or Organisation as a whole

Together with our Company Partners, GSMS - Global Strategic Management Solutions and Denison, we use questionnaire-based culture assessment, e.g. Performance Skills Leadership Assessment (PS Leadership) or Generally Accepted People Metrics (GAPM) as well as Denison Culture Surveys. Both Company Partners have developed methodologies that allow organizations to design and implement programmes related to various culture facets such as quality of hire, workforce development, employees’ engagement, customer centricity and impact, consistent leadership development all through the company.