Shared Leadership Culture : Culture Assessment

Here are examples of questions that our clients submit us in this area:

  • Given our actual strategy, we would like to identify our strengths and weaknesses in our department in order to launch measurable improvements.
  • We would like to launch a performance improvement program in the company we acquired.Can you help us define priorities?
  • We would like to launch a customer centricity programme in the months to come. Can you help us design such programme on a basis of people metrics?


In this services area, LDI closely works with two Alliance Partners : GSMS® and DenisonTM.

The Denison Model is the result of over twenty-five years of research by Dr. Daniel Denison. The model is the basis for two diagnostic surveys, the Organizational Culture Survey and the Leadership Development Survey, developed by Daniel R. Denison and William S. Neale which have been used by over 5000 organizations worldwide. The Denison model measures four critical traits of culture and leadership (mission, adaptability, involvement, and consistency). Each of these traits is further broken down into three indices.

GAPMTM (Generally Accepted People Metrics) is the culture-assessment methodology we use in partnership with GSMS®. It has been developed over several years in order to give every employee a "voice" in the organization and to identify areas of people approach and culture that can be changed. The tool can be used in cases where organizations want to improve - keeping a similar strategy, to change or transform - such as in mergers. The report gives management insights on the organization's profile in 5 areas: Structure, Productivity, Engagement, Execution and Due Diligence.