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Heracli has founded and manages LDI. He has 25 + years of experience in profit and in non profit organizations whether as an operational and functional manager or as a consultant, He combines executive assessment and development skills, leadership coaching and training as well as Organizational Development Consultancy expertise when coming to sustain cultural shifts or Change. He mainly works with multinational organizations to address challenges in the fields of talent management, high potential identification, succession planning, management audits, team or inter-groups strategic alignment and Leadership Coaching & Training. Two significant features define Heracli’s signature as a consultant: first a creative problem solving combined with a multidisciplinary approach and, second the fact he constantly strikes a fair balance between individual, team and organizational perspectives. He works in French, English and Greek.

Professional Background

Prior to founding LDI, Heracli was EMEA Senior Consultant at RHR International which deals only with Executive Assessment and Coaching. Before this, he has been the COO by Interim of the Brussels office of Demos International which was one of the main providers of training, coaching and consultancy services at the side of the European Institutions. He led for about 15 years Dialogiques Belgium and Dialogiques Luxembourg as Managing Founder, aiming to sustain Inclusive Leadership in organizations. In this frame, he also worked with the EFQM Model aiming to define best Excellence practices and to implement them through strategic, process and structural efforts. He started his career with managing a non-profit organization, leading a functional therapeutic team and practicing psychoanalysis in private.

Published Works

While he was lecturer in a Post-Master degree program for HR Managers at HEC Saint Louis Brussels, Heracli wrote articles related to consultancy skills, among which papers on the difference between Management and Leadership, on How to keep on the edge of the wave in our actual time of constant acceleration, and on the advantages of Inclusive communication in business. He recently wrote an article for Kluwer Editions on Cultural Changes and how to give leaders and managers to lead it on the basis of scorecards.

Notable Achievements

- Designed and implemented Succession related Executive assessment programs, e.g. for Fortis, Bristol Myers Squibb, Steelcase.
- Designed an implemented Executive coaching programs, e.g. for, Interxion, BNP Paribas Fortis, SKADDEN, S.W.I.F.T.
- Designed and implemented EFQM Model in organizations, e.g. Peltzer-La Tourelle or the Federation des Notaires de Belgique.
- Designed and implemented (through teams of by himself) Leadership Training Programmes for all the Branch Managers of the merged entities Fortis Bank and CGER/ALSK as well as the entire span of managers at Banque Generale du Luxembourg.
- Trained in Communication, Interview, Meetings, Presentation, Influence Skills for 50+ Companies.
- Designed and implemented Readiness for Change Assessment and Change programs, e.g. for Etisalat Telecoms United Emirates or EDCH, same country.
- Trained more than two hundred HR Management post master degree students in Organizational Behavior (Personalities at Work, Organizational Culture and Leadership, main Trends in Psychology applied to Organizations).


Heracli has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and in Group Dynamics (Free University of Brussels – ULB). He completed his clinical background with being an active member of the Belgian School of Psychoanalysis (Catholic University of Louvain – UCL, Belgium) . He has a Post Masters Degree in Management & Training and another in Innovation Management (HEC Saint-Louis, Belgium). He more recently got a Post Masters in Philosophy of Sciences (Epistemology) at ULB. He was trained in Systemics and in numerous of psychological or 360° feedback related tools.