Leadership Talent: workshops for Leaders & Managers

LDI will perform a needs analysis to build responses in order to answer questions like the following:

  • We would like to set up, in our company or business unit, programmes responding to the needs related to feeding our "leadership pipeline". We want to design such training modules in order to help our people develop or confirm the required skills at each step of this pipeline.

  • We have identified a new wave of High-Potentials and would like to help them understand and enact the behaviours required at the next step.

  • We would like to launch a program in Managing Cultural Diversity for our Managers, could you help us build such a program and deliver it?

  • We need to design and implement a program in Coaching and Mentoring and look for a specialized partner to help us do so.


Executive training needs, often find a response in programs offered by Business Schools all around the globe. Still on the one hand, there are training needs that corporations or their talent managers prefer to address at home. On the other hand, corporations often address their High-Potentials' development needs through workshops that aim to support their development and facilitate the effective expression of their potential.