Leadership Talent : Assessment

Identifying and developing tomorrow's managers is one of the toughest organizational challenges. Choosing those with potential cannot be done on performance record alone since to quote Marshall Goldsmith, "What got you Here will not get you There".

The need for assessment surfaces in various circumstances that at LDI we help to address:

  • Due Diligence

Upon acquisition boards need to know the value of the management team in place. They must know how to support the leadership team in place in order for them to deliver expected results.

  • Mergers

Upon mergers, CEOs have to make tough decisions about who will be part of the next leadership teams bearing in mind the organization's strategic intent. They must decide what is to be done with those who have not been retained. Eventually they need to know how they could help these executives with effective transition in- or outside of the company.

  • Internal Promotions and Transitions

Business leaders as well as talent managers need to know the profile, strengths and weaknesses of candidates for a new leadership role. This data helps them make the right career decisions. In certain cases, it will also allow them to suggest to the chosen candidate a transition coaching program on the basis of their profile.

  • Succession Planning

Strictly speaking, succession planning deals with identifying and developing those who can join the top executive teams. Here are examples of the questions that our clients ask in this context: when will my potential candidates be effectively ready to take over a Senior or CEO Suite position? How can we identify those who will best suit the job? Do we effectively have a successor within our organization or should we look for one outside? What kind of risks will we have to manage with this executive? What impact will this other executive have on the organization if taking the role?

  • Leadership Pipeline

The question behind the leadership pipeline issue refers to how to build the next generation of leaders in an organization.  Understanding the critical passages a leader must navigate through a given organization is essential. Companies need to identify those who will effectively be able to manage others, managers, functions, business units, groups and eventually enterprises. Beyond contributing to this identification, LDI helps design and provide the appropriate development for navigating those passages.