Leadership Talent : Personal Coaching

Below some examples of questions raised by our clients with respect to setting up a coaching programme:

  • We would like our Executives to build personal awareness and work on reinforcing their profile with respect to our new strategic intent. Could you help us do that and what would be the best approach in doing so?

  • Our group of High Potential Managers will embark in an in-house leadership development program. Could we help them identify their areas for development and coach them along their training so that they maximize the added value of their leadership program?

  • The General Manager of our Business Unit has delivered great results for the last 18 months. The challenge requested him to give every bit of his potential. As a consequence, he has developed some fatigue. How could we give her the opportunity to quickly recover her entire resources and learn the most from the experience?

  • We would like to help this manager transition in his new post in order to minimize risk of failure and accelerate full effectiveness.


The need to receive coaching sessions can emerge from various contexts. It can be part of a corporate program or the opposite, respond to a personal request. As such, the aim of coaching sessions can be as different as accompanying managers in their journey through a leadership programme, advising them when they transition from one post to another or helping a leader to step back and reconsider his approach to a specific problem.