Emerging Leaders - Integrated Development Programme

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Emerging Leaders or High-Potential managers, getting into "The Leadership Pipeline" or in Succession Plans

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This version of our seminar for High-Potentials integrates a 360° results feedback, a collective training and individualized coaching sessions. High-Potentials need to be identified and given more complex assignments in order to keep them « in good shape », to retain them and to prepare them to become the Senior Leaders or Executives of your organisation. Although they would have already received training in People or Team Management, they need to expand their awareness of their personal SWOT with respect to their present or future challenges. They also need to find ways to identify their untapped potential, their potential derailers and limitations, and to start working on their development areas. This is what this combination between 360° feedback, workshop and coaching sessions is all about.

At the end of this integrated programme, participants will have received the following:

- Their 360° feedback with the help of the Centre for Creative Leadership Benchmarks®

- A two-day workshop helping them understand what is expected of them as they get into the Leadership Pipeline or Succession planning of their organisation.

- In the same workshop, they will receive and exchange best practices regarding how to manage their derailment factors, use their strengths and untapped potential and continue developing along their career path.

- The workshop is followed up with two individual coaching sessions in the following six weeks.

An integration of a 1 ½ hour discussion around the participant's 360° feedback results (Benchmarks®), a 2-day workshop aiming to receive and exchange best practices on a peer-to-peer basis mode, leading to work on the basis of practical cases, and two 1 ½ hour personalized coaching sessions.

A third of the programme is dedicated to expanding awareness of self and others, using the results of the individual 360° profile in order to have discussions around personal profiles. The trainer facilitates discussions around the 3 main dimensions of the Benchmarks Tool: Meeting Job Challenges, Leading People, Respecting Self & Others. These dimensions are split split into criteria such as "Leading & Developing Employees", "Decisiveness" or "Change Management".  The second third of the programme deals with better understanding each participant's personal SWOT with respect to their (new) stakes. At the end of the progrmme, participants build a Development & Action Plan on the basis of their SWOT. The seminar includes "Building awareness through reflexion and exchanges" sessions, discovering the results of a test, challenging self and others, practical plans.

The Trainer
Heracli TZAFESTAS (see « Associates » on the left column of the site)