Shared Leadership Culture : Introduction

At LDI we help our clients to foster a culture where every employee is encouraged to take leadership in his zone of influence or power - namely, by being engaged, taking relevant initiatives and modeling the way towards excellence. In this respect, a shared leadership culture is opposed to a culture where formal leaders or managers "keep leadership for themselves" and create unenthusiastic followers as well as sub-performance. More practically:

  • From an organizational perspective, we help organizations to assess their culture in order to expand awareness of their main traits. On this basis they can initiate a change process with a clearly defined starting point. This allows them to set up and lead change in a way that ensures success - this includes defining a desired "next culture" and translating it in ways that are actionable.

  • From a team leader perspective, we help leaders enhance ownership in the workplace, empower their teams and create the conditions for a real dialogue between people and between layers.

  • From an employee perspective, we help these employees clearly see and use ways to effectively and actively engage in the workplace when confronting changes.

The following diagram gives an idea of how we approach shared leadership culture reinforcement and culture change.