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Didier van Innis, Partner of LDI

Didier lives in Brussels, is a Belgian Citizen and works in French, Dutch and English

Formal educational background

1976 - Graduate in Economics and Marketing (Cergeco Brussels)
1989 - Transactional Analysis (CFIP – Brussels)
1994 - Master Practitioner NLP (New-York Institute)
2002 - Train the trainer (Cegos- France)
2002 - Group Dynamics Gestalt (IBG – Brussels)
2006 - Grammar of emotions (Isabelle Filliozat - France)
2007 - Sociocracy (Gilles Charest – Canada)
2004 - Licenced SHL®: management and sales competency analysis
2008 - Neuro-Cognitive Approach related to stress management (INC – Brussels)


Didier has experience with companies in different sectors and industries. From 1972 to 1992 he enjoyed sales roles at the side of Armstrong World Industries, ending up with a Southern Countries Belgium, France, Spain and Italy) Sales Manager combined with and Key Account Manager responsibilities for Hungary and Russia.
As a trainer and coach, he worked for several international companies in sales skills and interpersonal communication. He developed training programs in leadership, team building, performance management and coaching.  His pragmatic approach allows the participants to recognize their true potential, to empower them to fully develop it and to devise an action plan in order to take their personal performance to the next level.

Personal preferences and approaches

The foundations of this approach are commitment, enjoyment, self-training and mental discipline.
Using principles of Situational Leadership, NLP and Transactional Analysis, his approach consists in inspiring People to accelerate achievement of personal and business goals. As change facilitator and succession planner, he stimulates people to find solutions and to act for results rather than only undergo situations and problems.