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Joseph Clark

Joseph is a British and French citizen and works fluently in both English and French.

Formal educational background

Joseph has obtained an M.A. in Philosophy at the Open University.

Complementary training

Joseph pursued his training in the use of acting at the service of developmental aims. In this perspective, he followed the teaching of various techniques: Study of Movement with Dominique Dupuy at Montreuil (Theatre du Mouvement); Eutonie with Gerda Alexander in Danemark; Voice Training and Vocal Development with Eva Feuer at Stockholm and with Barry Irwin of the Roy Theatre, Nice – France; Yoga and Relaxation with Bikram Choudury at Paris, Classical Singing with George Philipps and Antonio Leonel – amongst many other trainings. He also co-operated in a training in vocal therapy at the Humanistic Psychology Centre at Amsterdam, and with psychotherapists in London.


He co-founded the Roy Hart Theatre in 1969, acts in and directs dozens of plays in France, UK, Italy, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden.

Since 1980 he has given workshops throughout Europe (France, Spain, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy,…) for Roy Hart International Art Centre, France or is invited by theatre and music companies, schools, cultural institutions, festivals.

In 2003, he started Presentation and Public speaking training as well as Presence Development for Senior Executives and Leaders in Belgium, in the business world, and at the European Commission.

In 2011, he joins LDI.

Personal preferences and approaches

All throughout his career Joseph Clark aimed to use theatrical, voice, relaxation techniques and storytelling at the service of those who need to enhance their ability to quickly connect with their audience and generate enthusiasm, while being congruent and authentic. Working with Joseph is working on Presence and Charisma as well as delivering meaningful messages not only because they are moving but also because they are well structured and effective.