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Psychologist, Marie-Noelle has more than 25 years of experience in profit an non-profit organisations whether as a consultant or in Talent Development related positions. Combining training and coaching competencies, she specializes in Team Building and Leadership Development and is at ease in intervening at all organisational levels, from employee and supervisory levels to executive ones. A certified trainer and coach, she keen to help people and teams to develop at various stages of their life: Vision creation and sharing, skills development, change, crisis, … Marie-Noelle works in French.

Professional Background

Prior to joining LDI as a Project Based Associate, Marie-Noelle has developed a sound experience in Talent Development whether as external consultant or as Development Manager. She was responsible of the internal Coaching Department of Dexia. She was responsible for the Dexia Corporate University Leadership & Management Development Programmes. She also was the HR Manager in charge of the Management Development at the Dexia Group Level. She previously enjoyed a Training Needs Analyst position at Credit Communal. In these positions and in previous ones, Marie-Noelle gave commercial and communication related training programmes for a large variety of people.

Notable Achievements

- Put in place the International Development Centre for The Dexia Group. Leadership Model Definition and Leadership Competencies measurement. Individual feedback given to participants to the Centre.

- Leadership Development Programme creation for the Dexia Group High-Potentials.

- Participated closely in the creation and the running of the Dexia Group University.

- Constitution and Management of ten internal coaches in the same bank.

- Individual coaching programmes conduction for High-Potentials and Senior Executives.

- Animation of Team-Building sessions for the Executive Committee of Dexia Local Credit, Local Dexia Financial Services, …

- Organisation and implementation of team workshops in order to support leaders and their teams during the dismantlement of the Group in 2011-12

- Led Leadership-Management Workshops and seminars for a wide variety of target groups.