High Performance Teams : Team Coaching

Team issues LDI addresses are reflected in the following questions or intentions, e.g.:

  • After the changes we recently met, we would like to deliver quickly against our commitments and make the most of our learning acquisitions all through our journey.

  • We as a team, look for an external advisor who would challenge the way we deliver as a group.

  • We would like to redefine our working processes without losing time in sterile discussions. How would you advise us to proceed?


Leaning mostly on the works of J.R. Hackman and Ruth Wageman, we consider that our main mission in coaching teams is to strongly help them focus on their effort, strategy and knowledge.

We usually deploy three distinct kinds of interventions. We use inputs that are motivational - aiming to minimize free riding and to build shared commitment to the group and its work. Second, we use interventions that are consultative - they address performance strategy, aiming to minimize adoption of task performance routines in changing task environments. Third, we use interventions that are educational, meaning that they foster the development of members' knowledge and skills.