High Performance Teams : Team Design

Questions LDI addresses in team design exercises are, for instance:

  • How will this individual fill his role? What will be his impact in his area of responsibility? What will it be compared to this other Executive?

  • What should she and her direct superior be attentive to in order to deliver her best?

  • Where can this person be successful in our organization in case he was not retained for the post?

  • What are the strengths and limitations of our Executive Team with respect to its actual and future challenges?


At LDI we usually start a Team Design process with defining the team's business and organizational challenge. We then create a set of leadership competencies for each of them, using our Leadership Success Profile Blueprint®. We assess each candidate's profile by means of a thorough interview, completed, when useful, with tests taking. The assessment conclusions or Executive Assessment Report will constitute the basis of a talent roundtable that includes, at the least the team leader and the talent manager.