High Performance Teams : Team Effectiveness

The questions our clients share with us in this area are, for instance:

  • As the Team Leader, how can I best use the strengths and deal with the weaknesses of my team?

  • Can you help the team identify the obstacles - whether internal or external in its way to achieving outstanding performance? How can we solve them as upstream as we can in our change leading process?

  • Can you design for us a team alignment session where we will create common awareness around our stakes and getting a better sense of our priorities?


Team effectiveness is first and foremost about team alignment around its business objectives.

We start such an exercise with interviewing each team member regarding his perception of the changes that will have to be brought in the short, mid and long-term. Our job is -on the one hand, to identify every obstacle to success, however tiny, in order to address it before it becomes a real issue. On the other hand, we aim to help the team make the most of its strengths. Conclusions are shared and debated in Team Alignment sessions.

In these sessions we use Peter Senge's approach of "skillful discussions" - discussions in which each one is ready to challenge his assumptions, in order to deliver with heart, intelligence and guts.