Shared Leadership Culture : Training and workshops for non-executives

These are typical themes our clients ask us to manage in this area:

  • Self-Leadership for individual contributors.

  • How to manage your direct superior following a situational approach.

  • Leadership for functional leaders.

  • Leadership for project managers.

  • People and team management for supervisors and first-time managers.

  • Time and priority management in times of change.

  • Change management workshops.

  • Communication, assertiveness and conflict management.


Development for non-executives encompasses training and workshops for people from the floor to managers in the middle. These training or workshop actions relate to a point of a spectrum that goes from pure learning or acquiring skills to planning actions related to deploying corporate strategy in a well-localized segment of the company. In this sense, workshops help people to plan actions in a way that is well thought, and that foresees obstacles to performance, solving them upstream the deployment process.