Executive Talent : Trusted Advice

Below you will find some of the questions raised by our clients when asking for trusted advice:

  • We have had a high employee turnover in this area these last 18 months and we would need to understand the roots of the issue and bring effective remediation.

  • This Executive has performed outstandingly well these last five years but now achieves poorly: can you help us understand why and bring us precise recommendations?

  • These two parties have conflicts that negatively impact the performance of a part of the organization: can you help us clarify the situation and suggest a relevant solution?


In certain cases our clients face problems that are at first analysis well identified but whose roots are unclear and solutions uncertain. They might have specific ideas about how to solve these issues. However because they are part of the organization and thus might be suspected of not being objective, our clients ask for the intervention of trusted advisors whose credibility, competence and integrity is undisputable.

The way these issues are diagnosed and solved must include a personalized - and often iterative approach. LDI’s involvement into these missions starts with formally assessing the situation, the problem, its causes and consequences. Our conclusions are then validated with the parties involved in the issue. Following this we set up objectives and plans for each of the parties who could effectively contribute to finding a positive solution. We finally follow up its implementation.